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Quality promise

BLN Qualitex AG manufactures exclusively in ­Switzerland and has been known as a specialist in narrow fabric for more than 20 years. The high ­quality of our products is based on the efforts of competent technicians with many years of ­experience in textile manufacturing.


In addition to our standard product range, BLN Qualitex AG designs and manu­factures specialised products such as narrow fabrics according to your requirements. We look forward to your challenge.

Service for our customers

We are happy to consult you and share our knowledge about product development with you for your request. Please, use the various contact options here. We are happy to arrange a phone call, where we take time for you.

Product and serviceportfolio

With these materials we carry a wide range of belts and trimming ribbon for the different applications.

Synthetic Polypropylene Belts and Trimming Ribbon

Bags, hip belt, backpack, personal protective equipment, safety belts, dog leash, dog chew toys, etc.

Synthetic Polyester Belts and Trimming Ribbon

Trimming Ribbon, Sports equipment, Bags, hip belt, backpack, personal protective equipment, safety belts, dog leash, dog chew toys, etc.

Natural-fibre Belts

Roller blind belts, chair upholstery, carpet trimming ribbon, straps for handles, tool boxes, garage doors, ladder belts, etc.

High strength specialised yarns, fibres and products

For special custom products of the industry we produce special yarns and special fibers such as Kevlar, Nomex, PBO etc.

Your order at BLN Qualitex AG

Here you can see the standard products in detail under Products with many application examples. For each product the available colors are indicated. For your order, please indicate next to the item number the desired width and color, for example. The article 555 in the width 25 mm and the color 700 – black can be ordered as follows: Art. No. 555/25/700. If you have questions, we are at your disposal.

Polypropylene color variety