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Synthetic Products

Trimming Ribbon and belts made of synthetic materials experience demanding applications such as

  • work safety
  • industrial applications
  • sports
  • upholstery applications
Natural-fibre products

The woven natural fiber products are used in a wide range of applications. Examples like:

  • Chair upholstery
  • Carpets-Clamping belts
  • Belts for handles
  • Belts for tool boxes
  • Belts for garage doors
  • etc.
Special Yarns

A variety of high-strength specialty yarns are produced. Materials like

  • Aramid fabric
    (PPTA – Poly(p-phenylenterephthalamid und PMPI – Poly(m-phenylenisophthalamid)
  • High Performance Polyethylene Fibers (HPPE)
  • PBO
  • etc.

are used in a wide range of special industrial applications.


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